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Instance-based virtual machines

On-Demand, Pay-as-you-Go Option Added to Verizon’s Public Sector Cloud Offering

Instance-based virtual machines, a new way to pay for Enterprise Cloud: Federal Edition, provides IT administrators greater flexibility and control by offering the ability to utilize cloud-computing resources on demand and pay for only the capacity used.

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Is Securing Your Company’s Data at Odds with Innovating for the Future?

Risk mitigation is a big topic for businesses these days. Whether physical or virtual, how companies deal with risk can play a crucial role in safeguarding their reputation and innovating for the future.

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The High Cost of a Supply Chain Data Breach

It’s easy to dismiss data breaches and hacking as crimes that only affect the cyberworld — that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, in the transportation and logistics industry, the theft of business intelligence, shipping manifest’s or route information can lead to real-world hijacking and delivery theft.

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Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Enterprise News Spotlight: Enterprise Cloud Adoption, IoT Profit Center, Malware Reality

This week’s articles focus on technology trends that surmounted the hype and chanted the way companies do business, particularly in the case of enterprise cloud adoption.

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Public Sector Cloud Technology

Verizon’s Cloud Platform for Public Sector Now Available on Two Additional Federal Contracts

Qualified U.S. federal, state and local government organizations can now purchase Verizon Enterprise Cloud: Federal Edition on Networx Universal and WITS 3.

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Public Sector Channel Program

Verizon Expands Partner Program to Public Sector

Public sector technology providers can offer Verizon’s cloud, mobility, IoT, advanced communications and intelligent networking solutions to their client base.

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climate analytics for insurers

How Insurers Use Climate Data to Analyze Risk

The use of real-time climate analytics to track the impact of weather patterns on road conditions is a potential game changer for insurance companies.

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Emerging Global Digital Workflows

Why Media & Entertainment Must Embrace Emerging Global Digital Workflows

Media and entertainment companies that don’t invest in global digital workflows and other modern M&E solutions will lose ground. The question is where and how to start.

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