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Enterprise Data Breach

5 Enterprise Data Breach Questions Deciphered

Data breaches have become a huge threat affecting businesses and consumers alike. As the spotlight on cybersecurity amplifies, so do questions related to network security strategies, preventative measures and the source of cybercriminal activity.

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What Every Enterprise Needs To Know When Selecting Smart Partners

Many organizations forget that IT outsourcing partners should add value to their business, but overall program control should be kept in-house. Here are eight tips businesses must consider when selecting digital partners.

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Enterprise Tech Spotlight: Mobile First Manufacturing, UK Cybersecurity Woes, mHealth

This week, we look at mobile first IT in manufacturing industry, struggles Britain is having controlling cybercrime and a pair of articles covering the proliferation of connected healthcare devices.

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EMV, Tokenization and the Future of Payment Security

Tokenization — the process of changing a credit card number to a random token at the point of sale — could hold the answer. It’s already proving to be a popular way to secure mobile payments, but it’s also promising to protect customers’ card information and dramatically cut the burden of PCI compliance.

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Trending: Enterprises Move Business-Critical Application to the Cloud

Verizon’s Joe Crawford offers his perspectives on the current state of enterprise cloud adoption and what the remainder of the year has in store for the cloud market.

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A Best-in-Class Approach to IT Outsourcing

In my previous article, I reviewed how Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) models shouldn’t be a barrier, but rather a catalyst for innovation and encouraged a rethink as to how initial ITO conversations should be shaped. Now let’s take that further and demand a change in ITO models in order to support the requirements of today. …

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Why Manufacturing CIOs Must Harness Data Analytics

The manufacturing CIO has long been associated with managing new technology implementation, strategic IT planning and keeping tabs on the latest solutions that could boost productivity. These days, however, the role of the CIO also encompasses data management and analytics, which opens up a bevy of new benefits and challenges.

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DigiCert Acquires Verizon Enterprise SSL Business

The combination of two trusted authority market leaders is part of one goal — to help our customers solve the ever-growing challenge of enterprise certificate lifecycle management

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