Verizon Retail Index Tracks Online Holiday Traffic

Updated daily, the Verizon Retail Index measures average daily traffic and peak volumes from the Verizon global IP network during holiday season


***Verizon’s Retail Index will be updated on this page on Friday, December 19 at 9:30 am ET***

This holiday season, Verizon Enterprise Solutions is using its recently-launched Retail Index to identify online consumer retail shopping patterns in the U.S. Updated each business day, the Verizon Retail Index measures average daily traffic and peak volumes (based on the most active five-minute increment over a 24-hour period). Both variables use an index with a baseline value of 100.

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How Cloud Can Improve the Online Retail Experience

By moving resources to the cloud, retailers can provide customers with a consistent online experience during the holiday shopping season


How many times have you been in a shop or buying goods online and have been told that the “system is down” and no orders are being taken? This past Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we saw a surge in online traffic that overwhelmed many retailer websites, particularly in Europe. Businesses couldn’t cope with the additional consumer interest and simply froze. One retailer in the UK encouraged shoppers “to be patient” and explained that they had been placed in a queue of over 4,000 additional shoppers and would be dealt with shortly. Read more…

Verizon and NORAD Team Up to Track Santa’s Worldwide Christmas Eve Journey

With the touch of a tablet or the click of a mouse, children around the world can follow Santa as he delivers presents to all the good boys and girls


Christmas Eve is only a week away and that can only mean one thing — It’s time to make preparations to monitor Santa’s worldwide Christmas Eve journey, compliments of the North American Aerospace Command, Verizon and the rest of the NORAD Tracks Santa team. Read more…

Marriott International First to Deploy New Unified Communications Hospitality Solution From Verizon

Verizon Hospitality Communications Express offers a fully managed, cloud-hosted voice solution; reduces need for onsite IT support


Verizon Enterprise Solutions today announced that Marriott International Inc. has signed a multiyear agreement to deploy Verizon Hospitality Communications Express, which will help the premier hospitality brand fulfill its mission to provide a convenient and state-of-the-art experience to its hotel guests and employees. Read more…