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Access breaking enterprise news, research and informative articles from Verizon experts and industry professionals. We hope you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of how business problems, like improving the customer experience, driving growth and business performance, and managing risk can be addressed using cloud, security, machine-to-machine, IT and mobility solutions.


Enterprise Tech Spotlight: Retail Tech Trends, Massive IoT Cluster, Security Certification

This week, we look at retail tech trends, the infrastructure needed to handle the recent explosion of IoT devices, issues surrounding cloud adoption and the need for security certification.

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Key Findings from the 2015 Harvard Business Review Cloud Report

Check out the following Slideshare to see key highlights from the 2015 Harvard Business Review Cloud Report and learn how cloud technology can improve your enterprise organization.

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The Internet of Things: Transform Your Business and Change the World

From vehicles and freeways to airplanes, wind farms and factory machinery — more than a billion smart business machines and devices are connected across the globe.

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Enterprise Tech Spotlight: IoT Tipping Point, Phishing Scams, Retail Breaches

With more than 145 million cellular business Internet of Things connections expected to be activated by 2020, it’s nearly impossible to argue that IoT technologies are just a passing trend.

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Boosting Public Sector Recruitment Through IT Innovation

Verizon’s Mike Maiorana discusses recruiting and retaining strategies, broadband and wireless network improvements, and find out how to get involved in government IT.

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Payment Card Security Solutions — the Right One or the Right Few?

There are many different approaches to securing credit card data; however, often the best security isn’t about choosing one method over another, but rather using a combination of complementary tools.

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IoT and Agriculture — Sowing the Seeds of Innovation

With dwindling resources, climate change and the increasing cost of electricity, the ability to produce more food, more quickly is rapidly becoming a priority. Learn how the Internet of Things can make a difference.

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Report Highlights Evolving Dynamics of Cloud Market

With increasingly broad adoption by all manner of enterprise and government organizations, cloud is achieving prominence as the de facto standard for IT and business transformation.

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