Verizon Unveils Secure Cloud Interconnect and Multi-Cloud Services

Verizon Unveils Secure Cloud Interconnect and Multi-Cloud Services

Multi-cloud is the new hybrid cloud. As enterprises move an increasing number of workloads and data into the cloud they are not just using one cloud. This is because in many organizations, cloud has grown organically, with departments or business units using cloud to address discrete needs – either with or without involvement from IT. Now, as enterprises embrace cloud as a strategy, they recognize that not all data and applications will reside in a single cloud.

Enter Secure Cloud Interconnect. With this service, enterprises can use Verizon’s Private IP service to connect to several cloud services, including Verizon’s cloud and Microsoft Azure. Additional cloud services will be added later this year. Enterprises using Equinix colocation for their private cloud can also use Verizon’s Private IP to connect to 15 Equinix sites in the US, Europe and Asia.

On the surface this seems like a simple network connection between cloud data centers, but multi-cloud deployments require enterprise-grade performance and security. And developing these connections can take weeks or months. Verizon shortens that process to minutes or hours. To do this, Verizon puts edge routers in third-party clouds enabling pre-integration of networking and data center interfaces. The enterprise needs only to select its cloud partners, location and service information. Verizon automatically provisions the connection. Security is built into these connections and the enterprise has full visibility into which applications are being consumed, where and by whom.

If enterprises are truly going to embrace cloud, the ability to quickly and securely connect multiple clouds in multiple global locations via a high performance Private IP network is critical. Verizon, Microsoft, Equinix and others recognize this and have taken steps to deliver a solution.

For more information on Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect and to learn more about how Microsoft is helping enterprises move to the cloud on their terms, check out this article on the Verizon News Center about Expanding Cloud Solutions.